10 Facts about PRINCE2 Certification

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PRINCE2 is mainly popular as a project management credential and in some countries, it is a basic requirement. This is used to have been defined as a framework for executing the project. PRINCE2 acronym is nothing to do with a king or a queen, it is PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments). PRINCE2 was first been used by UK Government projects.

 PRINCE2 is the structure or a framework that applies to both small and large organizations and government and private sectors/ industries too. Thus, by getting Prince2 certification it gives the best advantage over the other project management specialist worldwide.

The top 10 reasons for attending a PRINCE2 Training are:-

  • Three levels of Qualifications:-
  • Foundation: It is an introductory certification and this qualification doesn't require any previous experience.
  • Practitioner: it teaches how to operate and manage a project. At this level, there are some pre-requirements but all the requirements are protected if you have a foundation certificate.
  • Professional: it is the most push on the qualification level of the PRINCE2 certification training. This level is being examined by a residential assessment center where every person works for a few days through a case study.


  • An Open Book Exam: 

In the examination hall/room the person can bring his/her PRINCE manual with them. The person can mark the main points and pages in the manual for easily writing the answers in the paper to save time. 

Note:- This open-book exam strategy is not applicable for the Foundation Certificate. 


  • All Answers are there in the manual: 

These exams not similar to other Project Management Professionals (PMP) where some of the questions that are being asked are from the other files like the Code of Ethics, wherein the PRINCE2 the person is already tested that what is in the manual.


  • Real-World Examples: 

The training is much easier so that the user gets real-world examples and case studies so that they can relate and understand the concept easily and the user can relate the concept to the real-world project and get a piece of practical knowledge.

  • Smart Aids available: 

the smart aids are available to prepare for the exam like the flashcards, cheat sheets, practice tests, and sheets and case studies.


  • The Practitioner Exam Tests on Application: 

In the Practitioner, exams use multiple parts to each question it uses a method called Objective testing, by this method the only aim to conduct this type of application is to test the knowledge of a person whether he/she can apply the PRINCE2 knowledge in a real project. While this exam is a bit tough compared to other exams. 


  • Must to Re-Register: 

PRINCE2 is not like the “take it and forget it", like the PMP Certificate, the person must hold his/her Practitioner up to date, the person should re-register after 3 to 5 years to be said as a licensed practitioner.

The re-registration is done by the person through a test which is smaller than the regular Practitioner assessment tests.


  • Have Multiple Job Opportunities: 

It is not to be said because it is very easy for a person to be hired in a company that has been qualified for the PRINCE2 certification. As the PRINCE2 specialist has a better chance compared with their peers who don’t have the certificate.  PRINCE2 certified person has a very certified and honored board to back them compared to others. 


  • Can Work in all Industries: 

As the PRINCE2  is a framework for project management, and this is not related to any specific industry. It can be used in any organization, in any business or any company and any private or government sector, and at any level of projects. The size of any firm or business doesn't matter in this, the PRINCE2 can be adapted at any match and requirements as per the person's need. 

  • Recognized all over the World: 

The PRINCE2 certificates are globally recognized by every industry and sector. PRINCE2 is the de-facto project management systems across most parts of the world. PRINCE2 popularity is being expanded and arising across Asia, Africa, and the USA. 


  • Can easily Start the PRINCE2 Training:  

The time and costs required to study and prepare for the training are very less and this means that a person can get a real Project Management qualification without dedicating a large amount of time and cost.


  • Self Paced and Flexible PRINCE2 pieces of training: 

If the person chose the online PRINCE2 training sessions, so the person can access the videos at any time, and at any place by his/her convenience. The online session/training is always available to the user to revise, review and refer at their convenient time so that the user can clear the session/training at a single try and clearing the session with the certificate. 

Summarizing, all the facts PRINCE2 is a basic and essential path for success in project management career. Hence, above was everything about 10 facts of Prince2 certification.

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