The GMAT Simulations By Experts' Global are the most complete and efficient

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For most GMAT aspirants, mock tests are the last stage of prep, the point where whatever they have learned is consolidated into a concrete understanding of the GMAT. As it should go without saying, the mock tests are quite important and should be one of the first things that you take a look at, when selecting a GMAT prep program. 


The difficulty and complexity level of the tests, should be in line with that of the real GMAT, as should the nature and quality of the questions. If the tests have strong analytics, then it will be a serious positive, as well. Of course, the cost of the program should not be a deciding factor, but it is still something worth keeping in mind. 


Out of the prominent GMAT practice tests, Experts Global’s is probably the best, with regards to these factors. 


Quality and Quantity of Tests

To begin with, Experts’ Global offers considerably more tests than most others, they offer 15 full-length tests. The reason why they do so is because Experts’ Global approach to GMAT prep involves taking a lot of tests, to build up your stamina and refine your test taking strategies. Furthermore, everything about the tests has been designed to be as close to the real GMAT, as possible. The questions cover the exact some scope of concepts, in the proper proportion, at the correct level of difficulty and complexity. The testing screen has highly similar controls and graphics, and a practically identical layout. It also does a great job of simulating the time pressure that you will face on the real GMAT by turning the timer font red, if you take too long on a question. 


Highly Accurate Scoring

Experts’ Global has done a phenomenal job of recreating the GMAT scoring algorithm. Those who have given Experts’ Global’s mock tests have quite frequently mentioned that their scores on these tests have been almost entirely the same as their scores on the official mock tests. This is a massive point in Experts’ Globa’s favor, since it is extremely important that the mock tests be able to accurately predict the student’s performance. 



These tests are backed by an incredibly efficient and accurate analysis system. After every mock, it provides an in-depth breakdown of the student’s performance, letting them know which areas need the most attention and where they spend the bulk of their time. 



Experts’ Global’s mock test system lays a heavy emphasis on self-study. Each mock test question has a corresponding explanation video that provides the student with a detailed explanation, in case they can not answer it themselves. What’s more, the solutions provided in these videos are all extremely fast solutions, so the videos are also useful for improving your speed. The tests also come with a set of ten e-books on sentence correction. Those e-books are one of the most comprehensive sources on GMAT sentence correction available. Each concept is covered, in the utmost detail. 


Experts’ Global’s GMAT mock test series is the truly the best of its kind. 


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