How to Become a Cyber Security Analyst?

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Before understanding about “How to Become a Cybersecurity Analyst?” You have to understand the roles and responsibilities of a Cybersecurity Analyst first. A Cybersecurity Analyst is responsible for managing, monitor and protects any private data from cyberattacks. 

In technical terms, a Cybersecurity Analyst is a professional who is trained enough to create and use firewalls and software programs to protect the most important data of an organisation they work within. However, you should always keep in mind that it is easy said, then done. The roles and responsibilities of a Cybersecurity Analyst are crucial for any organization they work within.

These Cybersecurity analysts can work in different sectors, and their job is so flexible that they can also assist various companies while freelancing. Cyber Security Analysts are required by every other company. And with increasing in demand of these professionals across the globe. Companies are paying attention towards hiring individuals with the perquisites of Cybersecurity Analyst field. 

And such upsurge in demand had benefited the Cybersecurity Analysts positively. In accordance with the salary report of BLS or Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average salary of a Cybersecurity Analyst is $99,730 per annum. Now let’s explore more about the profession of Cybersecurity Analyst.

Roles of A Cyber Security Analyst

The primary job of a Cyber Security Analyst is to prevent network breaches. They are skilled and trained cybersecurity professionals. These professionals can create programs to encrypt any network system to prevent breaches. They may work alone or with a team of IT professionals. 

Although in mammoth companies, a Cybersecurity Analyst may have to work with various teams of digital platforms, IT professionals, Developers, Ethical Hackers, Programmers and even with teams of Computer Experts. The major part of their job is to analyse risks related to network and security breaches. 

These professionals play a major role to safeguard the client and customer databases. This job is crucial and indispensable in order to protect an organisation’s relevance and reputation in the market. This is so because, in this era of technology, each and every organisation is adopting digital platforms to save their client history and data. So it becomes essential for these companies to protect their customers' data to maintain their reputation. Now let’s discuss more the skills that are essential for a Cyber Security Analyst.

Essential Soft Skills

  • Communication Skills

The most crucial part of any job is communication. Without the skills of communication, one cannot think about climbing the ladder of success. The essential soft skill a Cyber Security Analyst must have is the skill of communication. A Cyber Security Analyst must have mastered the communication skills, to communicate with both verbally and in writing from. They must be familiar with the words, that can be used to communicate with their non-technical peers. This is so because most of the time, these professionals will have to communicate about breaches and their plans to prevent such issues with their leaders or even non-technical teams. In such cases, they couldn’t use the technical language because this will become difficult for their non-technical peers to understand their points. So in order to become a successful Cyber Security Analyst, they must need to learn to communicate. 

  • The Skills of Collaboration

In most of the leading companies, a Cyber Security Analyst may have to work with teams of IT professionals and other such professionals. In such situations, they must have the skill to work in a collaborative manner. They must know about working as a team member. And in case they tend to lead any team, then they must have the leadership skills to lead and navigate their teams.

  • The Skill of Critical Thinking

Troubleshooting network security issues and working through complex codes is one of the priorities of a Cyber Security Analyst. In such cases, they will have to master the skills of critical thinking to tackle all sort of possible obstacles, that they may face while troubleshooting any security issues.

  • The ability of Continuous Learning

The field of Cyber Security Analysis is ever-expanding. Every now and then, changes are occurring in the world of cybersecurity. So in order to stay relevant with each and every technological advancements and changes, these professionals must have the ability and determination to learn continuously. They may go for Bootcamp, or they may gain any certification to learn new trends of technology. However, it is necessary to learn continuously for Cyber Security Analysts to stay relevant in their field.

How to become a Cybersecurity Analyst?

To become a Cyber Security Analyst, you must have to gain some of the most important credentials listed below.

  1. Achieve a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.
  2. Achieve a Cyber Security Analyst Certification.
  3. Achieve the required experience in the field of Cyber Security Analysis. 

These are the best way and most suitable ways to become a Cyber Security Analyst.


You can become a successful Cyber Security Analyst, without any doubt. Just believe in yourself and learn with passion and patience.


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