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Have you noticed that African-American men tend to have more razor bumps than any other race? Men and women of all races get razor bumps, but black men beards need to keep these tips in mind when shaving or trimming their facial hair with any electric shaver or body groomer.

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We have curly and kinky hair. After you shave, your hair obviously begins to grow again. Our hair tends to curl backwards and towards the skin, instead of straight out. This leads to ingrown hairs, inflammation, and keloid scars -- three things no one wants. Here are some tips to help combat this:

  • Shave as infrequently as possible, use a nose hair trimmer to get any outstanding nose hairs
  • Stray away from the clean-shaven look; wear a men’s durag to lay down your hair while sleeping.
  • If you do like a close shave, consider using a hair removal cream or quality body Groomer (even though it seems strange)
  • Stop shaving for a month to let any inflammation or razor bump treatment for African Americans that you have heal; then continue shaving as normal.
  • Try using a Steel Straight Edge Razor; Always shave with the grain!! Never shave in the opposite direction your hair is growing or your almost certain to get razor bumps
  • Use a straight edge razor or double edge adjustable safety razor; expensive multi blades are not what your skin needs especially if your new to shaving
  • Clean and/or change your blades every time you shave and wash face after with some antibacterial soap
  • Moisturize your face using Aloe Face Mist. Sometimes using normal lotion can irritate if you have sensitive skin -- if your skin is dry, you'll experience a lot more irritation
  • Beard trimming combs are great for long and short length beards.
  • Style your facial hair with a Beard Shaving Brush then use a Beard two sided trimming comb to outline and trim hair while shaving
  • Remove ingrown hairs by wiping with warm compressed wet towel to open pores, gently insert a toothpick or sterile needle under the hair loop and release it. Don't Pluck

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These tips should help you reduce razor bumps and keep your face lookin' clean.

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