Course Syllabus

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Assessment Methods

  • Graded Discussions: students will need to post at least twice in each discussion to receive points.
  • Slide Tests: students will be presented with several images from the key works list and will be expected to identify, in writing, the work of art, some specific background details, and be able to discuss the subject of the work of art and the relationship between the work of art and its cultural and historical context.
  • Presentations: students will be expected to prepare a 3-5 minutes talk on an assigned topic. For those taking the course entirely online, these presentations will be submitted as videos.
  • Research Paper: students will need to address assigned paper topics in 500-700 words. Papers must include at least three citations and a bibliography. Essays will be graded on a 20 point scale. Please see assignment and rubric for more details.
  • Journal Entries: students will be presented with a question and image and are expected to respond with a journal entry of no less than 300 words.


Attendance is mandatory. If you are taking this class in a regular classroom, you must arrive on time and prepared. If you are taking this class purely online, you "attend" by participating in the discussions that take place throughout the week. In to get points to for the discussion, you must post post twice in every discussion.

Check into Canvas at least three times per week to complete reading, viewing, and assessments. Your teacher will be able to track your progress through the modules.

Plagiarism or the unacknowledged use of another person's work, words, or ideas, will not be tolerated and will result in a failing grade. Students must use footnotes, bibliographies, and common sense to avoid plagiarism. 

Persons with disabilities should  notify the disability resource center at their school and complete the appropriate paperwork to receive accommodations.

Course Summary:

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